अटी व शर्ती

अटी व शर्ती 

Welcome to ALIETC: a global leader in online e-commerce and trading. These Terms and Conditions describe applicable regulations to your access and use of the website, mobile site and other portals and webspace operated and owned by ALIETC.com. In order to fully register and use our customer services, you are required to agree to the following. 

अटींचा अर्ज आणि स्वीकृती

By agreeing to our Terms of Use, you are subject to the Terms and Conditions contained and described in this document and the Privacy Policy. This document and other rules and policies are collectively referred to at the ‘Terms’. By registering and using any of the site’s features and products, you agree to accept and operate in accordance with all of the Terms.

वय निर्बंध: Access and use of ALIETC.com services, features, software and products through our sites are strictly restricted to persons of legal age and above. Your legal age must be declared to form a binding contract with our services. Those who register with our service under the legal age are not permitted to receive any services under international law. Any persons found to make false claims regarding their legal age will qualify for immediate removal of the site and instant restriction from their account.

खरेदीदार आणि विक्रेत्यांमधील व्यवहार: ALIETC.com provides electronic online platforms for exchanging information, buying and selling, and transactions. Users are able to manage, accept, place and conclude orders and provision of products. ALIETC.com does not control or is held liable or responsible for the sellers or buyer’s inability to complete the purchase. Neither is ALIETC.com responsible for the safety, legality, or availability of the products or services exchanged on its platform.

दुरुस्ती: ALIETC.com may make changes and amendments to its Terms and Privacy Policy at any time by posting the relevant changes and updates on their Terms of Service and Site Information. By continuing to access the service after that time, you agree to the amended and updated information. All amended and updated information will apply to you once published in the Terms and Conditions and Site Information.

सभासदांनी आवश्यक

साइट नियम आणि लागू कायद्यांचे पालन करून क्रियाकलाप आयोजित करा

व्यवसायाचे व्यवहार व्यवस्थितपणे करा

Provide accurate identity information

कोणत्याही व्यक्तीची फसवणूक करण्यासाठी साइट वापरू नका

स्पॅमिंग किंवा फिशिंगमध्ये व्यस्त नाही

ALIETC.com द्वारे वापरल्या जाणार्‍या डेटा, सिस्टम किंवा नेटवर्कची अखंडता खराब करणार्‍या क्रियाकलापांमध्ये किंवा योजनांमध्ये स्वत: ला सामील करू नका

संगणक व्हायरस किंवा इतर विध्वंसक सॉफ्टवेअर गुंतवू नका

Not engage in any unlawful activity, such as copying, reproducing or exploiting any aspect of ALIETC.com service